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Zero Client

Zero Client

“Purpose-built for Virtualization”

Move complexity off the desktop
Pano Logic delivers the benefits of virtual desktops to Windows users, freeing IT staff from the escalating complexity and overhead of traditional distributed PC computing. Moving all software and processing off the desktop and centralizing it in the data center, the Pano System cuts hours from the time needed to deploy or troubleshoot desktops, while optimizing hardware utilization and tightening data security. It includes everything you need in one package, all designed and optimized specifically for virtual desktops, letting you get up and running quickly and painlessly.


Leveraging innovations originally developed for server virtualization, the Pano System delivers a wide range of benefits to IT staff, boosting their productivity while ensuring that users have access to a secure, robust computing environment from any location. Rather than repurposing client hardware originally designed for last generation architectures like terminal services, we invented a completely new architecture purpose-built for virtual desktops: the zero client. And we’ve built our solution on VMware’s industry-standard virtualization infrastructure, proven in thousands of mission-critical deployments, to deliver the performance and reliability you need.


1. Saves as much as 1500$ per desktop annually
2. Installs and deploys in just hours, provisions new users in minutes
3. Ends security breaches and data losses from infected or stolen endpoints
4. Requires only Windows XP or 7 and uses native drivers for peripherals
5. Boosts IT productivity, frees staff to pursue strategic initiatives
6. Reduces user downtime, rapidly recovers from malware and OS corruptions
7. Leverages hardware investments and upgrades across all users
8. Cuts electricity and cooling costs to as little as 3% of PC’s


The Pano System includes everything you need to deploy virtual desktops: the unique Pano Device zero client hardware, Pano Manager to centrally manage and provision virtual desktops, the Pano Direct Service to connect desktop virtual machines to Pano Devices, and comprehensive technical support. With Pano Logic, you only need one product to get up and running quickly on top of your VMware Virtual Infrastructure.


The Pano Device is a true zero client. It has no CPU or memory, no client operating system or firmware, no local drivers or other software, no local storage or moving parts. It simply and securely connects the attached keyboard, mouse, display, audio and USB peripherals over a local area network to the Pano desktop virtual machine running on an ESX/ESXi server in the data center. Weighing just over 1 pound and just 3.5 inches square, the Pano Device was engineered from the chip up to be a no compromises virtual desktop client.


Pano Manager provides a comprehensive web- based management console used to connect, provision, monitor and control Pano Devices and desktop virtual machines. It can optionally integrate with VMware vCenter Server to provide extended desktop virtual machine provisioning and management capabilities. And it simplifies user authentication by connecting to your existing directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory.


Pano Direct Service (or Pano DAS) provides the backbone of communications between Pano Devices and desktop virtual machines. Installed as a lightweight Windows service it provides a direct connection, optimized for multimedia, from desktop virtual machine to Pano Device. Pano DAS requires just native Windows XP using the same drivers installed for PCs—making deployment and support of any new peripherals simple.


Pano Remote, delivered on a secure and convenient USB key, optionally provides Pano Device users with remote access to their virtual desktops from any Windows PC. Using the bundled Pano Gateway plug-in, it leverages Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop Services to ensure secure communications over wide area networks like the Internet without requiring costly VPN software or hardware.

For more information: Download PanoLogic PDF file