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Dibrosi VZW || Sint Niklaas

Dibrosi is a non-profit service delivery organization founded by the Hiëronymieten friars, who are located in Sint Niklaas. Dibrosi provides services to hospitals, care institutions, schools, and social institutions. Their main task is to manage their accounting, personnel administration, and informatics.

Dirbosi wants to optimize their IT in order to achieve an optimal support of the management and service delivery. Therefore, Dibrosi has chosen for a “datacenter in a box” solution: IBM Blade Center S. In the past they worked with 3 different IT “islands” with a significant cost and complexity.

In collaboration with Ictinus, the Microsoft specialists of the Uptime Group, B-Blue proposed an IBM Blade Center S solution. This IBM Blade Center S solution contains 3 Intel Blades running a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V Cluster & 4 AIX (UNIX) servers virtualized using PowerVM on 2 Power Blades. The combination of the shared storage in the BladeCenter S Chassis and the virtualization layer Microsoft Hyper-V and PowerVM gives Dibrosi a High Available environment for their Windows and AIX systems in one solution (Live migration for Windows Systems and Live Partition Mobility for AIX systems). This is a worldwide first !
To manage their infrastructure more efficiently, we have chosen for Microsoft System Center Essentials with the following components:
* Operations Manager 2007 – provides a centralized management and monitoring of infrastructural components.
* Data Protection Manager 2007 – a centralized backup solution for Microsoft systems.
* Virtual Machine Manager – management console and additional tools for managing and configuring Hyper-V Infrastructure.

You can reach Dibrosi here:
VZW Dibrosi, Valk 39A, 9111 Belsele
Tel. 03/760.00.80 – Fax 03/766.31.16

Verbeke Bunkering NV || Brasschaat

Official IBM Client Reference.
The first IBM Lotus Foundations branch office sold in EMEA

Verbeke Bunkering NV is an independent family-owned oil trading company located in Brasschaat. Verbeke Bunkering NV did not have a disaster recovery (DR) plan capable of supporting its critical operations in the event of a disaster. A network outage would potentially cause the company millions of dollars in the event of a disaster. Moving forward, Verbeke Bunkering needed to acquire a DR solution to support its operations, specifically its Microsoft Exchange Server.

Verbeke Bunkering engaged B-Blue to adopt a complete DR plan that would support the needs of the company. The DR solution includes IBM Lotus Foundations software, IBM Lotus Domino software and a single IBM System x3200 M2 server. The Lotus Foundations software provides local-back up capabilities and if a crash were to occur, all data would be replicated to the Lotus Domino software running on an IBM System x3200 server located at IBM Business Partner Groupwave its hosting facility.

Now, Verbeke Bunkering has a complete DR solution capable of supporting critical operations in the event of a disaster. With the expertise and support of B-Blue, the company acquired and can leverage this solution without having its own in-house IT knowledge. Verbeke Bunkering feels confident in the security of its data with complete local and external backups and an integrated firewall that provides anti-virus and anti-spam measures.

Zetes Cards || Brussels

The name Zetes may not ring a bell, but every Dutch person has a Zetes product, namely the electronic identity card. Zetes is from origin a Belgian company, but nowadays has become an international key player on the goods and people identification market.

Their infrastructure did no longer meet the requirements in order to be competitive on the international market. For this reason, B-Blue proposed Zetes a fully consolidated IBM solution to manage their production environment more efficiently. Thats why Zetes has chosen for an IBM BladeCenter H with DS3400 SAN storage system. The BladeCenter H is filled with 4 HS21 (Dual Core Xeon) Blade servers with Windows and Linux operating systems.

Zetes experienced the following advantages:
* More efficiency regarding the management of their infrastructure.
* A redundant, fully equipped infrastructure that can be managed and controlled from any location in the network.
* A scalable infrastructure with the possibility for a more cost-efficient expansion.

DPWorld Antwerp NV || Antwerp

DP World is one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world with 49 terminals in 31 countries. They carry more than 46 million containers per year. With almost 30,000 employees, DP World has made a commitment to invest in the most modern and efficient technologies involving their terminal facilities and infrastructure and their IT infrastructure. DP World carries containers around the globe and therefore they chose to manage their further growth with a new software program. Uptime Group accompanied DP World optimally with strategic advice and practical solutions.

Their bottlenecks were the restrictions they had, with their current software application which was based on an IBM AS/400 environment. This application was limited in controlling the port cranes and the computer controlled shipping and delivery program. Because of this limitation and a lack of automation, DP World has decided to purchase a new application, called Navis. Navis needs a Windows operating system combined with a Java and Oracle database. Since the software was updated, they have chosen to implement a whole new infrastructure to fully prepare their environment for the future.

To achieve an optimal environment for their new software, DP World has chosen for an IBM BladeCenter infrastructure with 3 BladeCenter H chassis containing 24 HS21 Intel Blade Servers and running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 as operating system. Linked to this infrastructure, they have ordered a NetApp iSCSI storage area with a FAS3040c, a FAS3040, and a VTL. To obtain a fully virtual environment,Uptime Group installed 24 ESX 3.5 VM Ware hosts on the Blade servers.