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B-Blue recieved the IBM ‘Premier Business Partner’ status.
Click here for more information concerning our achieved certificates and IBM partnership level.
B-Blue is an exclusive ‘Select Partner’ of Pano Logic.
B-Blue is a ‘Microsoft Registered Partner’ of Microsoft.
B-Blue can count on a big partnership network in the Cronos Group.
We have a close connection with our Groupwave colleagues, who are specialised in IBM’s Lotus software branch.
We have a good connection with our colleagues of IS4U, who are focused on identity & access management.
B-Blue has a partnership with the Uptime Group. The Uptime Group is specialised in a wide branch of technologies: Microsoft, storage consolidation& virtualisation, cloud computing, hosting, infrastructure virtualisation, Oracle, project management,..
B-Blue has a ‘VMWare Professional Partner’ status.
B-Blue has a ‘Silver Solution Advisor Partner’ status and works with certified consultants.